Monday, May 30, 2011

Manhattan Beach

How was your holiday weekend?  Mine was great!  I had the fortunate opportunity to see one of my besties from Texas who flew in to visit a friend in San Diego.  On Saturday, I drove from SF to LA for a girls' afternoon/night at Manhattan Beach.  I'm starting to think I'm meant to be a SoCal girl....this cool or shall I say cold weather in NorCal is not sitting well with me in May!  I was definitely the only person in jeans (yes, JEANS!) and the palest person in sight while walking around Manhattan Beach.  Who have I turned into? Haha

This was a cute store....I took a picture of the store front because my pup's name is Bella. :)

I love how this seagull popped his foot....such a poser.

The girls....aren't they so pretty and trendy in their sundresses?  Again, notice me in my jeans on the beach...haha.

Picture perfect SoCal.

This was another cute beach shop we walked into.  I love sea turtles and took a photo of this pretty mural on the wall.

My purchase for the day....these super cute espadrilles from Katwalk.

What do you think?  Pretty cute, huh?

Katwalk was also selling this shirt.  It says "Je suis l'ocean" which mean "I am the ocean" in French.  This shirt was meant for me!

My weekend continued with a visit to another bestie who lives in Bakersfield.  She just had a baby boy and I was so lucky to meet the lil' guy and hang out with my friend.  The baby was so tiny and precious!  And today, I drove back to SF and spent the afternoon driving around Berkeley with Mr. H.....the sun was shining and we had the top down on the car....great Memorial Day afternoon!

View of the Bay Area from the top of the Berkeley Hills.

View of the Golden pretty.

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