Tropical Thursday

Some of us need a pick-me-up during the work week and nothing brightens my day more than to daydream about sun, sand, crashing waves, and swaying palm trees.  Tropical Thursday features a photo of paradise...some are places I've visited, others are places I hope to visit one day.  Enjoy!

Today (4-14-11) is a day filled with sunshine for me! It's a day filled with hope, relief and much-needed positive energy.  This picture for Tropical Thursday sums up how I feel.  Yippee!  Have a fun weekend!

Date: Photo taken in June 2010
Location: North Beach on the Beautiful Island of Oahu, Hawaii

Blackbeard's Island in the Bahamas
(Visited July 2008)

Top o' the morning' to ya!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
This picture was taken last month during our vacation to Australia.
The view is from our hotel balcony in Cairns, North Queensland.

(Visited in May 2006)