Monday, March 28, 2011

Kate Spade Knows Summer

I'm a sucker for Spring and Summer....especially when it comes to clothes and accessories.  For one thing, a summer wardrobe is cheaper than a winter, it's more fun to buy cute summer dresses, sandals and bags!  Check out these adorable bags from Kate Spade.  I love the pineapple clasp! Which one is your favorite?

Small Framed Lella

Hello Sunshine Willow
Kennywood Small Sidney
Point Breeze Small Coal
Flicker Metallic Bon Shopper


  1. I'm so excited for spring and summer clothes! Can't wait to break them out! I also LOVE Kate Spade! The pineapple clasp has gotta be my fav. Reminds me of Charleston, SC! :)

  2. Point Breeze small coal is my favorite. Don't know how long before I'd knock that bow off thought. Have a great day.